Why We Built BWC

My partners and I built an RIA strategically and for a purpose.  Why, you might ask? To change the way people look at investing and to serve our clients in a way that we believe they deserve to be treated.  The reason we are so passionate about what we are doing here at BetterWealth Capital is because our clients come first and they always will. We are frustrated that we even have to mention the fact that we are fiduciaries, but it truly sheds some light on the industry in which we serve. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and for those that don't know what it means, we define it as putting our clients' goals, vision and purpose ahead of our bottom line at every step of the way. We try to avoid blanket statements because we believe every person's situation is unique, but we will make one exception. There are only two stages of a wealth journey. The stages are the accumulation stage and the distribution stage.  We understand that there is a lot of information floating around, and our long term partnership approach allows us to serve as consultants, not commission hungry sales people that are pushing an agenda.

During our clients' financial journeys, we believe that lost opportunity cost, tax inefficiencies and high fees can erode wealth potential and require consistent attention. In the accumulation phase we emphasize education, clarity and innovation for our clients to achieve their goals, vision and purpose.  After our clients pivot into their distribution phase of life, we design optimized distribution plans that allow our clients to live intentionally.

We encourage you to set up a 15 minute clarity meeting to determine if BetterWealth Capital can optimize your financial picture.  Don’t worry, if we aren’t a great fit, we will be the first to let you know.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Jonathan Kreidt, and I have the unique opportunity to serve as the president of BetterWealth Capital. Over the past 6 years I have worked in multiple capacities in the financial services industry giving me a unique perspective to share with our clients.  Prior to graduating from the University of Central Florida with a finance degree, I worked with a boutique currency trading fund that gave me an interesting perspective on commodities and trading. This experience helped me shape part of my professional “why”.

During my time as a trading analyst, I realized that true professional fulfillment would come from serving clients with their goals and visions; not only from generating alpha.  I moved on from that opportunity to become a junior advisor to a successful financial professional and entrepreneur.  This mentor taught me lesson after lesson on the values of investing, properly tailored plans, and much more.Throughout my career one thing has always been clear to me: Serve well and add tremendous value.

Immediately preceding BWC I worked as a wholesaler, which meant my team and I would raise money from financial professionals for alternative investments.  This was when I became incredibly disenchanted with the personal financial service industry. I found that, as a whole, hardworking and trusting clients could be coerced into a financial strategy that did not perfectly align with their goals, vision and purpose.  We are changing that, and we appreciate you allowing us to partner with you during your lifelong journey. Be Intentional, Be Invested, Be Optimized and Be Healthy.

Invest Intentionally,
Jonathan T. Kreidt

Our core values

The greater your intentionality, the greater your results”
-Dan Sullivan


Unlocking intentional living


Selfless commitment to service


Humbly authentic communicators


Do more with less


Diligent pursuit of healthy living